Travel became a pain.

No not just with the pandemic, this was just an additional factor.

After 9/11 the whole mess started. Long security procedures at the airport, scanning bags and travellers. Collecting informations in a completely intransparent way, of course opening up additional revenue models.

Airports became a multi level fortress, security areas even in security areas. We are searched and screened before the Gates and a second, sometimes third defense ring is at the specific Airline. Ridiculous and inconsistent rules when to have a belt or not, shoes with or without, taking the laptop out of the sleeve, or not. And every time a discussion with the security as the main gate keepers, that simply do not care.

It seems that the Airlines want to be protected of the customers, I‘ve not found any other explanation. It’s simple crowd control.

Nevertheless… travel (tourist or business) is increasing since decades and we, the travel lemmings accepted this inconvenience. But at the same time, the benefit for us is decreasing while prices climb.

The luggage is limited, you want more? Pay.
Now trying to ban the carry-on baggage from the cabin. Why?
Snacks on board? Meanwhile even the „better“ airlines behave like the cheap ones. The flight attendant became the home shopping assistant, constantly begging for money.

It became disgusting.

With every new complication of the game, we promise us selves to travel less. WHY the heck are we still doing this?

Is it the bonus and status?
NO. These systems became an own complexity and are useless.
Why don’t we have a transparent vendor agnostic system?
Why do I need multiple cards in programs where my points expire?
Same with Hotels…. There is NO motivation to stay just with one chain.
But I do not want to fight for every status just cuz the counter monkey hates his job.

When it comes to solve a problem…. It’s done.

I have to cancel a trip.
American Airlines refuses to cancel my flight. WHAT?
The last part was through Lufthansa but bought externally (cancellation is not possible) and upgraded via LH app is gone as well.

Now try to deal with the support.
Phone: please send us an email.
Email: “we do not monitor this mailbox anymore, please use our online form and the chat (robot)“. It became an information and responsibility hiding.
Packed into categories in pulldown menus that do not cover the issue.

Ok smart one, you have a travel cancellation insurance. This will be the next ride with AXA. Seems you have to be inpatient in the hospital after an surgery to be really allowed to request their help.

And it is not just air travel, railway is not usable either.
Deutsche Bahn is more on strike (and delayed) than it operates. When you then cannot travel cuz the trip back is cancelled, the hotel charges you a no show fee.

WHY the heck are we still doing this?