Mostly we talk about the digital transformation, but what exactly does it mean? New tools? Is it the cloud? New methodologies? Some try agile instead waterfall.

The fact is, the economy is undergoing a radical change in business models and the classic industries try to understand what caused this shift.

Here different philosophies clash, the classic and grown thinking vs the data driven thinking.

But the digital transformation mostly concern these classic businesses. The tech companies with impressive market cap, need a different transformation.

And this is the key: to understand what area, what culture needs the right fine-tuning. The classics need to get away from “command and obey” and learn a bit more courage, curiosity and appreciation of their employees.

The techs have to learn stability, that not everything needs to be done what can be done.

We have areas that do not need agility, where others can’t survive without. Acting in a responsible way instead of actionism requires dynamic transformations.

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