Through the eyes of a stranger…

… After a very long day at work, I go to bed. I just worked through. Have to rest, recharge my batteries, in my bed … I have to get up in four hours. Actually, I would like to lie down until tomorrow at noon … I am very exhausted. My battery is empty.

Fatigue brings the day to my eyes … I purposely recall those memories …

So many things I’ve seen all day long, have seen so much and even crazy things… As photographed with my eyes.

And a lot of smell is in the streets of New York.

Where was I everywhere? The GPS could easily tell me, but I try to remember.

I walked on very different surfaces.
Up and down, left and right. Uneven, smooth …
Maybe I drove with an elevator.
Maybe even more elevators.
Certainly there were several.
And some very long escalator.

And then I met a few dozen people today.
Or was it 182 people who came my way?
Or 430. Or 7 thousand 815?
Somewhere in between lies the truth.

How tall was the biggest man I’ve seen?
Was he over 2 meters? Do I know that for sure?
Whom was the prettiest?
And what was the most interesting person that came my way?
And why was that the most interesting person?

Which person had the most beautiful hair?
What is beautiful hair for me?

Who had the biggest nose?

Who looked the most astonished and who happiest?

Who was the most excited?

What is luck?

And who was not present at all, but had only carried his body down the street. And who was the most present crossing my way?

How many little children were there and which was the cutest?

Who made the strangest movement, of the people that I’ve seen?

And who had the most abundant nasal hair growth of the people who came to meet me?

Who would have had the softest handshake of all the people around?

And who has had the funniest feet of all?

Who would I like most to sniff on, of the people who came to meet me?

Who of the people who came to meet me was the last to swim in the sea. How did he feel about it? Did he miss something?

Who of the people who came to meet me, has already licked with his tongue over a house wall.

Who has a cat at home.

And who of them ate canned ravioli as last meal.

And who does funny things when he’s in the bathroom?
And what funny things?

Who of the people who came to me has the interesting sleeping position at night. And who has the most peaceful sleep?

Who of the people who came to meet me has the happiest partnership.
And who is the most believing of them?

Oh. I have to slow myself down. Everything flows through my head so fast. I can imagine myself walking through the streets. My eyes are closed. It feels like sharing my thoughts, so if some stranger is in my head. Kinda in my head as like a movie figure .. there was also such a movie, where the viewer was in the mind of the protagonist.

It feels so, if someone walks with me through the streets and looks at the people with me. Analyzing, maybe also rating.

For example, right now I am considering who had probably the longest eyelashes. The others look past me so quickly.
Who the reddest cheeks. Was the person the healthiest?

Why can I perceive that so quickly?

Who of the people who came to meet me has the calmest and slowest breath.

And who has the most beautiful voice when he sings?
What does the voice of the people who came to me sound like?

There’s someone on the road with me again. Strange thoughts?

Does anyone smell of food? Surely someone smells like food. Several!

Who comes from the sport and sweated, was there anyone there?
Who has the most intrusive perfume and who has the best shoes?

Whom of those was the last time naked in nature? And which nature?
Who has been cuddling with an animal for the last time? With a parrot or a small aardvark?
Or an otter, I do not know for sure, but rarely I guess.

I continue walking through the streets.

Skipping ropes, do not forget the rope skippers, the ones with the little knobs in the hand and hoops hoops… How long will it take for the skipping rope to touch the ground again?
Now also calculated on body weight and height.
There are the rope skippers, the dolphin riders.

And those who would do anything to go to the moon.

And those who crown themselves with a golden crown.

There are the dog feeders. They always make that noise when the little hard dry food chunks enter the bowl.

There are the breast swimmers and the back swimmers.
The bows binder and the velcro friends.
The neat comber and the tousle-heads.

There are so many criteria by which one could subdivide the human.

There are those who weigh themselves on a scale, at home and there are those who are afraid of heights. And there are those who would love to fly.

And the others who imagine to live like a mole under the earth in such a small cozy nest. Lined with grass, like a little mole pillow.

And there’s the spaghetti cooker and the rolling pasta cooker.
I think I’m a spaghetti cook, rather than noodles, for example.

There are the campers and the hotel residents.

The cotton candy eaters and the others who say that as an adult, you no longer eat cotton candy.

Then there are the cross-country runners and the straight roads runners. Each one needs another shoes…

Some were huggers and some non huggers.
And the children’s kissers and the keep the children on distance.

There are legs and stomach washers while showering. There are the foam bath lovers and the quick shower users. How can I recognize that?
And those who just clean the armpits and then let the soapy water run down.

There are the bakers. These are the ones who sometimes put cakes or bread in the oven, then of course there are the non-bakers.

There are those who like cleaning and spraying everything, the windows and the furniture… Who have special stuff for every surface.

There are the messy parkers. And the very careful ones that can master the tightest parking space backwards without assistance.

There are the passionate shoppers, and the shopping haters.
Which are the supermarket buyers, who prefers a delivery? Some enjoy exploring in the supermarket.

There are the listeners and the speakers, and no doubt those who are good at both. There are the silence lovers and the noisy ones.

And there are the buttered bread types and the margarine bread types. Who is a butter type? Never margarine?

And there are people who played marbles the last time they were three. And others play even when they were bigger.
Only that the marbles got bigger and were called boules or bowling or something.

There are the badminton players who are not badminton players.

There are those who are disgusted by algae and fish when they swim. And the others.

… the light goes off, no it’s off all the time …

There are the messed up ones … and the highly organized ones. Am I out of my mind?

And what about the gigglers and the non-gigglers?
There are people who have a mouth like a line.
And others like a mine.
Then others like a candy store.
Or like a loop.


The thoughts fell silent as the last day’s experiences were uploaded to the AI mainframe and the BotOS was reset.

Now the algorithms were able to analyze individual experiences and restore them back into the swarm.

Since the units were used as mesh sensors, so-called RaaSO – Robot as a Sensor – interaction with humans has been much more advanced than expected.

And incidentally, the development costs could be compensated by the many findings that the bots had collected during the day. Shoe sizes, clothing, individual styles, consumer behavior and much more could be studied in each customer’s environment to further enhance their shopping experience.

Of course, the usual skeptics, worrying about progress invoked the eternal mantra of the transparent consumer.

But everyone wanted that his “wishes were read from the eyes” and their needs were fulfilled within a snap.