Startups red flags

Christobal Alfonso wrote a great post about early-stage StartUp red flags with many precise and interesting insight. Check also the comment section with many additional impulses.

But here, my 50ct.

Of course every Angel, Advisor or Investor has as well his own small quirks. My personal red flag is if someone just seeks to make a quick buck. If I miss the passion for the journey… am out. I want to hear how you plan to change the world. 

Or not.

But for the Founders, Entrepreneurs out there: do not underestimate point 7 – your purpose. 
WHAT exactly is the purpose. What was the journey that led you there? Do you solve smth real? Really?
What are your expectations and do you have the necessary “drive” for this ride? 
Do not try to hide smth, we need to trust you, it’s our or our own investors money. 
It’s a commitment from both sides, so we want to see your whole team. Not just the “management”.

Also avoid (wrote about it recently) during the presentation or pitch the usual boring stuff like
– if (famous SUP a) and (famous SUP b) would have a child 🤦‍♂️ 
– data is the new oil 🛢 > 🚽 
– we are the next (famous TechGiant) 😒 
– we are not (another famous one) 😡 
– metaverse… is a 8, 13, 40 trillion$ market… (WHERE the heck do you get these numbers?) 
– NFT… 🤢 

Sometimes I get the wrong competitors on the deck so the SUP can shine better. This is not helpful and be sure, we make our homework.
We want to see that you know your biz, that you are aware of the real world.

Work on your presentation skills. No aaahms or ummms. Tell a story, be passionate.

(originally published on LinkedIn)