Same procedure as every year James?

Without doubt, our society is at a major shift.
There is a need for a new type of economy, politics, society and culture. We have to rethink a lot for our own future.

Understanding the current trends seems like a good start.

So at the end of the year the same ballet as always starts, in which the media, large consulting firms and some other “experts” share their views on trends for the coming year. Sometimes even try to make a prediction for a whole decade.

But when we look into details: all pretty much alike. 

This doesn’t come from the same findings, rather because only very superficial investigations are being made. Only a handful of sources are endeavored.
So we find ourselves in a rehash of opinions every year. Whether it’s a hype cycle in which a system error hasn’t been fixed for years, haunting the media like a zombie or reflecting your own predictions (rather wishes) in several iterations. Nothing more than a marketing opinion booster. A justification for keeping the status quo.

Even a small selection of the respective trend reports show inconsistencies. One copies from the other and just uses a different naming. Some even split a Megatrend and “enrich” it, while others mix the Megatrends with Tech Trends to please their customers.

Btw try to compare the published Trendreports for example in automotive. Sometimes it looks like just the brand logo was changed before charged craploads of money.

We are missing original thinkers that can describe the connections. These Megatrends CANNOT be seen in an isolated way, there is NO freedom for businesses to cherry pick the trend you want to dive in. They are interconnected and if you work on the one, it has effects on the others. And what about the Kondratjev waves? Why are they not part of these Megatrends? These waves, or cycles, can be an important indicator to embed even different generations into consideration.

Long story short.
When you read such Trend-Hype-HowTo-FAQ-Reports… do not use them just as confirmation. Have your own thoughts, share the findings internally. Share them with your ecosystem.