WorldWebForum 2018

Review of the WORLDWEBFORUM 2018 – End of nation

Once again, the Worldwebforum took place in Zurich in January 18th and 19th 2018.

This time the conference was under the motto “End of Nation“.

Why “End of Nation”? Nations are past, the future belongs to companies. A bold statement, but during the two fully loaded days with presentations, panels and verticals, the background of this statement became obvious.

No one wanted to remove nations, just to point out that our society changes and we have to be aware of this change. What defines a nation? A nation is a “community of people”, so maybe Facebook is one of the biggest nations. Not herded up by a language, joint history or ancestry. More or less freely (hey I said more or less) so yes, fb could be called a nation. Or these very successful tech giants – especially Apple, Alphabet, Google, Amazon and others. Some of them have not just a huge community, but even a revenue bigger than some real countries.

So under this preset we were part to discuss scenarios, how could a world without nation states be organized in future. Lots of ideas, great speakers and innovative technologies have lead us to the one thing that drives every company, born before the internet age. The economy is undergoing a radical change in business models, mostly a dematerialization of the business models. Less offering products, now offering services attached to products.

For any company the digital transformation and the resulting consequences mean something different – but they all point to the same solution.

All of them need to change their philosophy, the mindset, to be successful in future. Learn, unlearn and relearn.

The future belongs to those who learn, unlearn and relearn.

Every human being has the capacity to be creative.

The epoch for a new kind of planetary politics has begun.

Companies operating in the new paradigm conquer the world. They care about the world, not nations.

I am looking forward to the 7th conference in Zurich, January 17 and 18 2019.

BTW, if you are interested follow this link to see the official Worldwebforum 2018 stream on YouTube.