Reason doesn’t seem to play a role in the automotive industry.

The latest obscenity from Germany demonstrates impressively that the magic market does not regulate anything, that only bans seem to help.

Yes, I already know the answers from all convinced ICE drivers.

The designers do not focus on the small niche market of Germany, but on the preferences of the main sales markets. 

In the US, there are far more vehicles with cardipositas on the road. Same in China, BMW Group sells the largest share of X7 production in these two markets.


However, an SUV of this size (5.15 meters and 2.5 tons) with a combustion engine impressively documents that the owner doesn’t give a f**k about the climate change, environment, pollution, society or responsibility. Rather, it is the outstretched middle finger of sheer driving pleasure.

The fact that I need at least 280kW (380hp) to accelerate 2.5 tons in 5.8 seconds to 100 is just an aside. Of course, the self-promoters of the world needs the choice between the “base for the poor” and 390 kW or a diesel with 259 kW. 

Oh yes, they are „mild hybrids“ with around 8 kW, as a rolling joke. It’s like the toilet paper you use to wipe off climate change.

Why anyone would need to drive this thing is beyond me. It can only be the statement NOT to care. It even does not offer any superior assistant for level 3. Recording your parking is one of the biggest highlights.

Btw the grille, the famous but polarizing BMW kidney (Niere) can optionally be illuminated so that the middle finger will really not be overlooked.

To me it is completely unclear how those responsible can get to sleep at night and look at themselves in the mirror in the morning.

(originally published on LinkedIn)