Pricing 2022

The best work is developed through strong relationships where both parties derive value from the arrangement.

For all speaking and workshop engagements, I apply a five-tier fee model. The fees depend on the GDP per country per capita (which is a measure of local purchasing power). All prices are in USD and they include travel and accommodation. For webinars and online events, I charge 50% of the European fee, depending on the official location of the organizer.

European Fees 2 hoursCountries
Top 10 countries15.000Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland…
Top 25 countries14.000Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Belgium…
Top 50 countries13.000UK, Spain, Poland, France…
Top 100 countries12.000Russia, Turkey, Romania…
Top 200 countries11.000Ukraine, Moldova…

Non-Europe Fees

2 hours

Top 10 countries20.000Qatar, Singapore, Hong Kong…
Top 25 countries18.000Australia, Canada, United States…
Top 50 countries15.000New Zealand, Israel, Japan…
Top 100 countries13.000Brazil, China, Argentina…
Top 200 countries10.000India, Vietnam, Nigeria…
For your country, check: List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita
Discounthow to get it
10% #RepeatBusinessfor repeat customers (same contact and invoicing details)
10% #NoTravelfor extra event in same area within 24 hours of other paid event
10% #Experimentationfor events where I can experiment with new/untested topics
10% #NoBureaucracyno contracts/procurement forms/visa forms/etc.
These discounts are cumulative and they only apply to the standard fees. They do not apply when I charge a special/promotional speaking fee.


  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner with Jay
  • Panel Guest, Panel Moderation or Event Hosting / Emceeing
  • “Office hours” / 1:1 short consultations
  • Separate Q&A periods

require more details and are depending on length of event.

For last-minute engagements, additional travel expenses are possible.

But please keep in mind that this is more complex and many factors needs to be considered like the location, the size of the event, do I have an existing speech, and some more. I am sure we can work out an agreement valuable for both sides.


  • Have an initial project budget of greater than USD 3K$
  • Spend USD 30K$ – 50K$ on research, consulting, and advisory annually
  • Value the contributions that experts can make

If it sounds like a good fit to work together, connect with me and let’s begin the conversation.

I prefer to work with clients on a long-term, retainer basis, as it allows me to get more deeply involved and yield greater results. Clients who leverage my expertise on an ongoing basis typically spend USD 30K$ to 75K$ with me annually. But the question for prices is never a “stock” answer and depends on the expectations and prerequisites.

Budget planning is part of the strategic process, and funds are allocated based on the priorities identified each year. For à la carte services, typically earn project fees in the following ranges.

  • Consulting Sessions: USD 600$/hr (Conducted in person or via Skype)
  • Research and Position Papers: USD 15K$ to 20K$ (depending on page count)
  • Trend Reports: USD 10K$ to 15K$ (depending on page count)
  • Innovation Workshops: USD 15K$ to 30K$
  • Public Relations & Social Media: USD 30K$ to 50K$ annually
  • Curation: USD 5K$ – 10K$ (depending on project scope)


Wait time for starting a new project currently is: 3-4 weeks

For additional informations, check my Speaking Q&A page.