Performance vs Trust

BMW Group (like every other German Automotive) seems stuck in a timeloop for a while now, reorganizing GroupIT every nine months. A difficult birth, so to speak.

Today have noticed some personnel changes and am shocked at how unsalvageable the situation has become.

One of the most clueless people has been promoted to a central department position, which is tantamount to declaring absolute bankruptcy.
Lack of planning cannot be articulated any more clearly. This is CARIAD quality and demonstrates that promotion is not based on good work, values or simply being the best. It has to do with connections and kissing a**. The so called Peter Principle.

Since I wrote the above about the last reorg level and promotions at BMW Group, there have been a few comments and questions via DM.

Most of the time I am asked who is in which position now.
The reactions range from shrugging shoulders via resignation to pure horror.
Only one person said ironically: “they did everything right. And so did we, cuz we left.”

And then we have the few chosen ones. The so called „doers“.
Not amused of my lines.

Knowing they are part of the problem because they only care about performance and not about the company.
The shortage of skilled workers is actually their egoism.
Lack of innovation comes from focus on their own career.
If their industry loses touch, it is because of their lack of imagination.

But the real problem, the root cause, is the metrics.

The companies would like to have the best of the best, an efficient team.
However, the metric is incorrectly calibrated and only reflects elbow behavior, loudmouthes, cowards and social disorders.
What is important is not recognised at all and so round after round there is just new [censored] floating on top and causing the “lake” to tip over.

Oh and it’s not just BMW… it’s meanwhile in any large company.

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