Leaving linear society

In 2008, the banking landscape teared half the world into problems.
In 2015, the global fraud of the automotive industry was exposed.
In 2020, the C19 virus spread at record speed through the globalized value chain, paralyzing the global economy.
Embedded came the shortage of semiconductors, followed by the current war, with which all remaining raw materials became more expensive and of course new profiteers and parasites left their shadows.

TINA (There Is No Alternative) was for years. 
Systemically relevant is the new fav in politics.

The actions of the responsible state leaders resemble a Ludo game.
Systemic companies such as Uniper are nationalized and society is additionally burdened.

It is significant that systemically relevant components serving society (fire brigade, care, social) have been traded under value for decades, with clapping, graffiti and acceptance speeches being fobbed off.

Thank you for your commitment, we will not forget. You are heroes!

While society’s exploitative, almost parasitic components (banks, gas & oil, coal) are cared for, subsidized and protected with billions.

What is the reason for this unequal treatment? Is it that the socials don’t allow excess gains? That they can’t sell supervisory board positions on lucrative terms? That being an ex-Blackrock or Porschhole is sexier? As politician having a fake PhD makes cheating easier in general?

Politicians have escalated into unlimited paternalism, in which rules of conduct such as how citizens should save energy, how they should heat, how long should they shower and how should they cough are the order of the day. 
Politicians became adamant on being always right,
– lockdown is necessary
– social distancing is necessary
– don’t do this, don’t do that

Anyone who doesn’t play their game will be ostracized. If it turns out that it was wrong and criticism was justified, they shrug the shoulders and refer back to 
“didn’t have any further information at the time.”

The same applies to data protection. Games are played with the private lives of the citizens, it’s better to collect everything hastily, you can apologize later.

It’s tantamount to a political rectal exam.

On the other hand, vast sums of money are given away to fuel conflicts, allow the military to play on the world stage and destroy.

Instead of investing 100 bln in new ways of destruction, the special fund could be invested in independence in the long term. In a more sustainable way.

We could invest in decentralized energy systems. Expansion of the regenerative as part of a self-stabilizing grid. Energy harvesting instead of wastage.
THAT would relax the energy situation.

We have to get involved in the transfer to a circular society. This is the only way that inequalities, shortages, crises… all the man-made crap can become obsolete.

And the systemically important parasites? Well… they will die out when the host is gone.
I won’t miss them.