Is Tech in stagnation?

There is this article on “The Verge” saying “Apple is moving on from Intel because Intel isn’t moving anywhere“.

Well it is mainly about the next awaited switch from Apple, but it shows the dilemma where business driven companies (not just Intel) are. Focusing on the shareholders and therefore caught in stagnation.

In fear of the public opinion, but sometimes also just thinking about the own pocket value.

Innovation is mostly just a PR related statement. Innovation is stripped-down by accountants, controlling and the ROI.

These people did not understand what innovation is. They can only shift the left row in an excel sheet to the right and back. They have no imagination.

No vision.

What about listening to the customers? What are they looking for?

Due to the latest VR related movie “Ready Player One”, VR is in everyone’s mind: “Does something like this exist? Where is this place? Is it affordable?”

The customer waits for a statement like: “We have here something. We prepared it. Check it out.” That would be nice. Play with it, experiment. We don’t need just baby steps, one small generation change. We need huge moonsteps. I don’t know if Asynchronous or Clockless Chips will be the solution. Maybe graphene based processors can be the right next step. SO many ideas are out there, but as long “we” can make more profit with small steps… Nothing will happen. Numbing the customer. Becoming boring.

We need a total mindset change and more courage. Far more!

So we also have to learn to lose the fear of the unknown and to allow the inspiration of the greener meadow. Courage to tackle the risks and courage to jump over our own shadow.