Invest ecosystem changes

The pandemic, conflicts, shortages, financial uncertainties and earthquakes like the collapse of the SVB are influencing the next decade of spending.
Some of the VCs even gave up and ended in RE.
A new generation of founders entered the stage with own expectations, experiences and ideas.
Even the event and conference landscape, a sure haven in the past times undergoes radical changes.

Even some old names disappear.

Of course this did not happened over night, it is a development that now becomes visible.

Every affected needs to adapt instead repeating the old mantra. Sharing the vanilla knowledge via LinkedIn like “what has to be included in your PD”? The ask for opinion is just another clickbait.
Or the ancient question if ideation or the execution is the most important. IDGAS.

Solution is in collaboration and cooperation. Every journey is unique. Don’t ask me for actionable rules, I cannot and will not do your job. If there would be the perfect book, page 36 – 78, every SUP would be a successful unicorn.

This is not how it works.

You need the will and a structure. Accept there is no equality and certainly no democracy in biz.

I am supporting ideation till seed. I will tell you about the potential, help to evaluate. All the questions how you have to start, how to protect your IP, connect you with other necessary players. And money.
Just follow some basic rules:
– When I ask a question, don’t blurr or ignore. Answer.
– When I advise, tell me if and why you don’t agree. It is a learning process where multiperspectivity is key.
– When I tell you to do smth, do it.

In some interesting constellations I will help with the way after. From Series A it’s a different monster to be fed.

Money. How often I hear someone is the next unicorn. Theoretically Millions are, get over it.
Reserve a budget for the external support because “trust into the success” with (maybe) layter compensation is not a biz model.
It’s on us to make you successful.

To my corporate clients, from now on you pay in advance. Reserve a budget and don’t renegotiate. Accept it, working with you is not the big win.