Idea Parasites

A parasite is spreading. No, not the corona pandemic, this is a virus.
I mean the theft of ideas.

I’m not talking about office work. Everyone experienced it, when additional names appear on a paper or presentation or the own name is replaced completely. Usually a supervisor, manager or teamlead, passes it off as teamwork.

In science it is even common practice that a publication bears names of people who are not actively involved. It’s funny at best, mostly annoying.

In my own area, I also find such behavior. For example, when a “friend“ (a moderator), draws my knowledge for his/her appearances and interviews in order to fill his/her own gaps. When a journalist siphons off my knowledge to build an article, without naming me as the source and publishes quotes as “anonymous“, is already something more than just annoying.  These people are actively tapping the knowledge in order to enrich themselves financially.

However, we should listen up as soon as this behavior affects the existence and destroys innovation. 

I hear complaints, that more and more pitches go wrong. 
It looks promising in the beginning, a few investors show interest. Mostly enough to get deeper insights. But then, nothing more. 
A bitter disappointment for the innovator. He had answered all the questions and more. 

The shock is deep when the founders discover their idea as a competing product, fully funded. Even the colors are the same.
Of course, it is just an unfortunate coincidence when one of the previously interested investors, finances the competition. 
Or did he created it himself?
This theft is so easy when those you trust and depend on, have access to all the calculations, market research, product data etc.
It’s just a name in the powerpoint.