I live for innovation.

That has always been my motivation.

Usually I use innovation and technology to find ways to advance humanity. As such, I started investing into deep tech, robotics and aerospace.

Due to current circumstances, I became active in the area of ​​defense innovation as well.
And there start the problems.
Defense and dual use are still ugh in Europe, especially in 🤣 Germany.
People look at me like I’m making porn in front of them.

But both sectors can definitely learn from each other.
Technology is neither good nor bad.
Technology is a tool and is defined how we use it.

The civilian sector can benefit here as well. The platform idea is something of big value.
Imagine automotives following this idea. The current biz model of automotive is not sustainable, it is focused on selling you new vehicles (ideally) every three years.
The B52 is still in use since 72 years and it will be used till 100.
With a platform, designed for longevity, you could keep your vehicle and retrofit it when needed. You would be in control of connectivity, mobility apps, even the OS of your vehicle.

So in future, I will write as well about defense topics, how innovation influences, dual use in both directions and OTS (off the shelf) solutions.