How fashion industry can transform

The current situation leaves a big question mark when it comes to fashion.

Fashion and Corona? 

Staying at home, lockdown and distancing have also an impact on fashion itself. Not just retail, manufacturing or supply chain.

We see trends towards minimalism, leaving fast fashion and paying attention to quality instead of quantity. Full closets while we cannot go out and wear our clothes. 

Dressing up for home office is not the solution.

The need to cover our faces already impacted the „lipstick index“. Masks will not go away and so they have to merge into our fashion. Masks are becoming an accessory already, individualized, embedded in the hood or the scarf, transparent, or connected. 

The materials for fashion have to transform, disinfection integrated directly into the materials. Self-cleaning substances and surfaces that reduce the risk of infection. Smartified with built-in sensors to measure distances. Modular to change the filters and connected to show the status at any time. Technology will dematerialize and become part of our everyday life.

With these new materials, comes expectations. Will it behave like „real“ fashion? Can it be mass produced? How durable is it? 

Also new manufacturing technologies are entering the market, more 3d printed fashion. Hybrid pieces with additional functions. 

And what about the fashion business itself? Sharing and circular. Locally distributed and decentralized. More recycling like the pieces from Kiriko 

Kiriko Made is a Portland based Japanese textiles and apparel brand forged from the spirit of Mottainai; a Japanese value that embraces one to waste nothing and recycle everything.

And this is still not the end. Fashion shootings leave a huge co2 footprint – beside of travel restrictions. 

Platforms for sharing these shootings, going local are inevitable.

Here is a great Interview (in German) with the founder of ShootShare

The latest trend in Hollywood are virtual sets that can serve the fashion needs as a hybrid area.

Or to go fully synthetic and focus on VR, depending on the use case. 

I am sure, there are many more thoughts I have not considered so far, so join me on this voyage and share your ideas with me via direct message or write me to