How can Europe win the EV race?

I’ve had in the morning a mail from LinkedIn, Sam Shead about attracting talents to Europe for the EV transition.

Here the link to the LinkedIn linked article.

It’s filled up with statistics, marketing blurb and EU centric view. The blue “button” with “How can Europe win the EV race?” was maybe the biggest trigger. I call it national chauvinism. The focus is just on market shares, employment and economy.

So what race are we talking about?

When and where did it started? Did it started when GM killed the electric car?

Or when oil companies started to think what to do else with the black dirt coming out of the soil?

Where is the finish?

Some facts:

When I’ve been born “we” were just around 4bln ppl on this planet.

Currently there are around 8bln ppl, 55% in urban areas with ca 1.475bln cars. Most in Asia, followed by Europe and North America. 19% of all vehicles are in the United States.

By 2050 we expect 9bln ppl, 68% in urban areas. All these ppl need to be mobile. IF nothing changes, we will have 2.1bln cars in the world.

Do we have the resources for streets? Infrastructure? Buying every three years the latest facelifted SUV to keep everyone profitable?

I wrote here about the automotive pillars of profitability. 80% of the vehicles are out of warranty making it a huge biz

Even IF by magic all the vehicles turned into EVs over night… 2.1bln causing traffic jams, accidents, power outages and so on.

We have to rethink mobility in general.

But these decisions will be made elsewhere with focus on $$$.

Btw EVs are older than the ICEs.

The world’s first electric vehicles (EVs) predate gasoline-powered cars, with experimental prototypes emerging in Hungary, the Netherlands, and the UK around the 1830s. The first practical EV is often considered to be American inventor William Morrison’s vehicle from around 1890.

Here some links with the history of EV’s

Car&Driver The Guardian or from

Today’s EV headlines could be ripped from a newspaper in 1917. It’s hard to believe, but 38 percent of vehicles in the U.S. were electric in that year; 40 percent were steam powered and only 22 percent used gasoline. There was even a fleet of electric taxis in New York City.

So dear Sam, what race are we talking about?