Experiencing EV: Recharging is different…

One aspect that needs particular attention, is the difference between refueling and charging a vehicle.

We are used to refuel

Means: when we run out of fuel, we drive to a gas station. Takes us 10min, maybe we have to wait, hands are smelling (who uses gloves?) and after, maybe we buy smth. 

Oh please don‘t think about the benzene contamination 🤪

The whole process is designed around the vehicle.  We need a special and protected place, called the gas station. Here, the Industry tries to keep everything as is, with synthetic fuel and hydrogen as their favorites. But still: same behavior, same process.

Recharging an EV is different. Of course some are still trapped in the old thinking and want a dedicated place to come, charge, pay and leave. 

This is why non-EV drivers are focusing on and complaining. Not enough chargers, takes too long, bleagh. Why the overall success is still in its infancy.

But the main disruption here is: you DON‘T need this safe place. There is NO gas tank that needs to be digged in, your hands will not smell, no contamination. Everywhere, where electricity is available, a charger can be installed. At home, at work at your business. This leads to new approaches in business.

One very cool and progressive comes from Go To-U. This is a customer centric approach where your EV can recharge while shopping, having a meeting, lunch, whatever. They make the customers go to you. 

This is as disruptive as streaming. The customer gets his freedom and control back.