Web Summit 2018


World's Largest Tech Event.

worldwebforum 2019 / Master or Servant?


WORLDWEBFORUM is an annual thought-leadership movement in Zurich that attracts more than 1’500 guests, of which 85 percent of whom are C-level executives. Thanks to its deep relationships with opinion leaders in hubs around the globe and top global academia, WORLDWEBFORUM brings together the most forward-thinking business minds with the aim of inspiring the courage […]

Global Talent Summit / The Future of Education


THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION Fewer students are graduating with the skills needed for the jobs AI and robotics are either replacing or re-creating. Many companies and entire countries are now confronted with significant talent shortages. According to a PwC report in 2015, 73% of CEOs surveyed see skills shortages as a key business threat. Given […]