At the Aspen Ideas Festival, Mustafa Suleyman, the CEO of Microsoft AI, speaks about AI topics and his, or better MS view on ALL OUR DATA.
What ours is, is theirs. But theirs is not ours.

“…I think that with respect to content that is already on the open
web the social contract of that content since the ’90s has been that
it is fair use. Anyone can copy it, recreate with it, reproduce with it.
That has been freeware, if you like that’s been the understanding…”

Our DATA is FREEWARE for them. Never has been this said so openly.
We all knew ist, they don’t give a flying xxx about privacy, copyright, about us.

Microsoft in particular is very concerned about protecting its intellectual property… The fact that they are the ones who would declare the Internet to be “freeware” and then immediately want to incorporate this into their proprietary software is almost beyond absurdity.

Here a comment from The Verge

Original from NBC News, start at minute 14…